Whether your kitchen is big or small (like mine), I hope to inspire you to spend a day in your kitchen creating tasty meals!

I am all about simple, healthy, and flavorful dishes. I want to know my ingredients, and get meals from the kitchen to the table (relatively) stress-free.

What will you find here? You will find ideas for simple weeknight meals, school lunches, and ethnic dishes. You will also find paleo, gluten-free, sugar-free recipes. I’ve got a little bit of everything here! Read about dishes that were inspired by my childhood, and recipes I’ve created on a whim. There are also family favorites, and recipes that were inspired by others.

A majority of my recipes are gluten-free since we, as a family, prefer to avoid gluten for overall health benefits. My husband also developed a gluten-sensitivity and that created a new normal for the way I cook. While my boys and I do not avoid gluten entirely, we also do not crave it. You will also find a number of recipes with no added sugar. This, again, is for overall health benefits and, like gluten, we find that we don’t really miss it. I do not adhere to any one particular type of diet as I also believe moderation and variety is important. Ultimately, I do what works best for my family as we all do, and everyone just has to find what works best for them.

Lisa A Day In the KitchenAbout me…

I love food….eating it, cooking it, baking it, photographing it, savoring it, and sharing it.

I live in Hong Kong, which is synonymous with small kitchens with limited space. My beautiful Kitchenaid stand mixer and handy dandy food processor are in storage in California. I could buy new ones, but they are expensive in Hong Kong and I don’t have the storage space. I want to show you that you can make the recipes on my blog without the fancy tools. If you’ve got the appliances, more power to you! I would definitely use them if I had them! But you can make any of the recipes with simple inexpensive tools, too. It may take a little longer, but I think taking the time to cook is part of the whole experience of enjoying the food you make. No matter what size kitchen you’ve got, the possibilities are endless!

I am not a professionally-trained cook, chef or nutritionist. I simply love to cook and my interest and passion for cooking is what has ultimately led me to this blog today. Before getting here, though, I traveled down a different path. I studied art and design in high school, and I have a BA degree with a major in Art History. I also spent a number of years as a 3D computer artist and animator, where I also dabbled a little in HTML and website creation.  From there, I spent 10 years showing people how to preserve and document their family stories in scrapbooks. Being a scrapbooking consultant allowed me to spend time creating my own family albums and it fueled my passion for photography.

My love for food and photography only grew when I got my very first smartphone! I could take pictures of restaurant meals! I could capture the dish I made for dinner! It was so quick and easy and addictive. I started sharing those photos on Facebook for fun, and to my pleasant surprise, I received a lot positive feedback on the photographs and requests for the recipes I had made. The positive reinforcement only motivated me to cook and bake more and post more photos.

And here we are today!

A Day Out…

Aside from spending a day in the kitchen cooking for my family, I also love to eat out and try new restaurants. I got in the habit of posting photos of meals I ate at restaurants and became a sort of go-to person for my friends who wanted suggestions on where to eat. A Day Out shares my dining experiences at local restaurants where I live in Hong Kong or wherever we travel. A Day Out is also where I write about our trips to different cities and countries. I hope you enjoy following along with my culinary and travel journeys.

A Day In the Life…

A Day In the Life is where I’m able is to write about my thoughts. It’s like I’m thinking out loud, but putting it in writing and sharing my thoughts with you! I might reflect on events from the past, and share funny and odd things I see while I’m living day to day. I might talk about a song I am obsessing over, or library books I’m excited to read. The thoughts may be random, but hopefully, you will enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them.

And finally…

To live life doing what I am passionate about is a dream come true. I love to cook (and eat!), take photographs, travel, and write. A Day In the Kitchen is my way of sharing my passions with you and I’m so glad you stopped by. I hope you get inspired to start spending time in your kitchen today!



Now that we’re done talking all About Me, here are just some notes about the photography on A Day In the Kitchen.

I love photography. My favorite photo subjects are family, scenery, and FOOD, as you could probably already guess.

All the food featured in my posts has been made from the actual recipes they reference, and we eat all the foods that you see (after said photos have been taken!).

Aside from basic post image processing to make the photos pop a bit more on the page, there have been no tricks used on the food itself. They are true representations of the recipes I have made. I have not used talcum powder to simulate icing sugar simply because it photographs better. The roast chicken is as it actually looked out of the oven and I have not used a blow torch to “touch up” and brown the skin to make it look more perfect. The brown spots on the cheese on the pizza came from actually baking in the oven and were not painted on. While not all results may look exactly the same for you when making the recipe, be assured that I am not misrepresenting the recipes I am posting.

Please note that all the content on A Day In the Kitchen has been personally created by me.


If you would like to share photos from my recipes, please make sure to credit the photos with
a) a link to the original recipe post and
b) a link back to adayinthekitchen.com.


Republishing my posts or recipe text cannot be shared without prior consent. Aside from there being copyright issues, posting anything as your own without giving proper credit is not okay. Please respect fellow food bloggers and give credit where due.