A Day Out At Hungry Eye

Hungry Eye LED sign

Saturdays are our designated family out days. After a week of school and routines and schedules, we like to spend Saturdays doing something together. At the very least, we go out for dinner, and quite often, we’ll take the opportunity to try new restaurants with the kids. On this occasion, we went in search of Nepalese food and discovered¬†Hungry Eye. I researched online where to find Hungry Eye and when […]

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A Day Out At La Pampa

La Pampa

Hong Kong is a restaurant mecca. Different types of Asian cuisine are plentiful, obviously, but there are plenty of non-Asian choices as well. You can even find a good steak. How about a good steak done right and paired with fine wine? And what about enjoying it all in an intimate and cozy atmosphere? La Pampa Argentinian Steak House is a restaurant that meets all the criteria! La Pampa is […]

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A Day Out in Silicon Valley, California

Silicon Valley

This post about Silicon Valley is a two-fer…two-fer-the-price-of-one! This is all about our recent trip to San Jose/Silicon Valley this summer and I not only talk about the food (DUH!), but I’m also including a couple places we visited! I’ll be the first to tell you that most people don’t think of going to Silicon Valley for a vacation. It’s not exactly your typical touristy-vacation type of destination. San Francisco? […]

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A Day Out In Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Besides being the city in which I was born and raised, Vancouver is one of my favorite places to be. Since moving to Hong Kong a few years ago, we go back every summer to visit family and friends and to simply enjoy all that Vancouver has to offer. (If you’re looking for restaurant suggestions, be sure to read my post on Where To Eat In Vancouver for ideas!) This […]

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Where To Eat In Vancouver, Canada

Where To Eat In Vancouver

Where does one go to eat in Vancouver…that is the question of the day! I’m here to tell you that the options and variety available are plentiful! One thing I really enjoy doing now whenever we return to Vancouver is trying out new restaurants. It’s actually a mission of mine whenever we return anywhere we have been to before. That being said, we also have our favorites that are too […]

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