I like to write. When I was younger, I wrote stories, thinking that I could, perhaps be an author one day.

Some stories I wrote out by hand, alternating between printing or writing cursive. For some reason, I thought that would make or break a story. Some I typed out on my mom’s old manual typewriter. In hindsight, using my mom’s typewriter motivated me to learn to type on my own, which is not a bad thing. I would sit at that typewriter, pushing down really hard on the letter keys to get them to strike the ink ribbon hard enough to print on the paper. And then there was manually pushing the carriage return lever to advance to the next line. I remember sitting on the floor, with the typewriter on the coffee table, working away on some great idea I had in my head, while the TV played in the background. That was how I spent a lot of my days during summer breaks from school.

I didn’t actually finish most of the stories I had started, and I started a lot! Fortunately, I saved all those stories that I had started writing with enthusiasm, but that then went nowhere. I almost think I had more fun thinking about the possibilities and starting a page with “Chapter 1” at the top than actually working through a whole storyline! I have a fat binder with, perhaps, over 20 or 30 unfinished stories, sitting safely in storage in California.

Anyway, my point in that long shpeel is that I still like to write. I gave up on my grand teenage dream of writing young adult romance novels…I don’t think it was my calling. 😉  However, I have found an outlet with my blog where I can write about what I am passionate about. With A Day In the Kitchen, I write about my love of cooking and food. With A Day Out, I write about dining out, travels to new places, and experiences as a “local” tourist.

A Day In the Life

And now we have A Day In the Life where I have, yet another, outlet for my writing. My goal for A Day In the Life is to write about my thoughts…like thinking out loud, but putting it in writing! I might reflect on events from the past, and share funny and odd things I see (things that make you go Hmmmmm…). I might talk about a song I have on a perpetual loop, or a book I can’t put down. The thoughts may be random, but hopefully, you will enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them.

Read A Day In the Life (ADITL) posts below! Feel free to think out loud and comment about what I share!


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